Zombie Tsunami - The Board Game

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Zombie Tsunami - The Board Game
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$78,718.00 / 1,663 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Update & KS Exclusive Gameplay Update
3 days ago – Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 12:21:58 AM

Arrhhhhh Zombies!!

Production Update!

We come bearing great news: All files have been submitted to our manufacturer!

Here is the current timeline provided by our manufacturer:

  * Digital previews: 5-7 days (27th-29th September)  
  * Digital printed samples: 7-10 days (13th-20th October)  
  * Digital printed samples confirmed: 3-5 days (20th-23th October) 
  * Mass-production sample: 40-45days (1st -3rd December) 
  * Production finalization:  3 days (5th-7th December)

With this schedule we are totally on track with our February delivery!

KS Exclusive Gameplay Update

Some off you have asked for it, so find below the KS Exclusives rulebook.

Front Side
Front Side


Back Side
Back Side

 We have been play-testing further the game to make sure the extra content we unlocked would still have the fun expected. These play-tests forced us to do some final adjustement to ensure a smooth gameplay.

  • Hidden Market: originally the Hidden Market was meant to be 6 cards which you would discover the content only if you pay a flat cost of 1 Gold Coin. Jeremie's initial vision of it was to have them shuffled in the Shop deck, but with a unique and disctinctive back, that when dealt, would signalto not turn the card to reveal its content.Now that we have a lot more play-tests in, we can tell that people simply did not pay attention to the back of the card and the system did not work. We spent a lot of time thinking of a more elegent solution, and we found one.

    We still have 6 cards, but they all have the same look, and offer for 1 Gold Coin to gain the next card on top of the Shop Deck. This totally gets the job done. You might still gain a card that cost 2, while paying 1, yet be forced to do something you might not want to because of the blind aspect of the mechanic.

  • Blue or Red pill: this new expansion also needed some changes. From our test, the option of gaining a Yellow Voting Bead on the 3rd round was useless. The rolling action also felt flat and unfair. We changed the way you obtain the Yellow Voting Bead, by making sure it is present only on the 1st and 2nd round, but also, have a really alternative, making for an interesting decision.

That is all for now!

Until next time,

Pledge Manager, Production Update and Vikings!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 05:37:22 PM

Arhhhhhhhh Zombies!

Pledge Manager Update

We are missing less than 100 persons to complete the pledge manager survey!
Because of it we have decided to extend the pledge manager deadline until the end of this week.

Vikings Gone Wild - Add Ons 

For those who have late pledged a copy of Vikings Gone Wild, your credit card will be charged towards the end of this week and your games will start shipping early next week!
Thanks a lot for supporting us by buying our game directly from us.
You just grabbed the last copies we had in our warehouse! <3

Production Update

The English rulebook is 100% completed and ready for your review!
Please don't hesitate to share any feedback or typos you may see.

Rulebook EN:


All partners have provided their translated version of the rulebooks and cards. Kasia, our new super star internal Graphic Designer will be integrating these translations to the In-Design version of the rulebook this week!

  - All rulebook visual integration will be completed by Friday 25th.
  - All rulebook proof-reading and corrections will be completed by Friday 1st of September.

We plan to submit all files to our manufacturer Friday 8th of September!

Cubes update

We have received some first prototypes of heat-transfered Zombies.
This is a first iteration to validate the mass production process and quality.



 Beside this black Artifact on the bottom and right border of the cubes the quality and durability of the print is definitely a lot better than stickers. We will send a new image to clear these black lines and do a new iteration shortly!

This is moving along nicely!

Vikings Gone Wild - Masters of Elements is Live!

For once, this shout out is going to be about us!

This expansion adds an asymmetric start to Vikings Gone Wild by introducing a new mechanic: the Artefacts! At the beginning of the game, 4 Artefacts are dealt to each player, from which you chose 3 in a drafting system, the remaining being discarded.

Come check it out!

Until next time,

Pledge Manager, Production Update and Shout out!
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 09:26:34 PM

Arrhhhhhhh Zombies!

Pledge Manager Q&A

Hi everyone, we are happy to report that over 90% of you have completed their pledge managers. 

I pledged for no rewards but Backerkit forces me to pledge at $29

All $1/$0 pledges were forced to a $29 pledge to avoid a loophole where you would have been able to add the game as add-on and pay no shipping for it. So don't worry about it and unsuscribe from Backerkit's email if you don't intend to pledge for the game.

I have not received an email from Backerkit

No worries! This can happen. Simply follow the link below and complete the process! 

When will you close the Pledge Manager?

We will most certainly close the pre-order & pledge manager by the first week of August. So hurry up if you have not completed your survey!

You will still be able to modify your address after the PM closes, but won't be able to add or remove items!

Production Update

We are in the final stretch of visual work.
This week Mateusz is putting the last touch to both rulebooks (Game + KS Exclusives).
Here is a small sample of his work:


All our partners are in translation phase:
 - Portuguese/Brazilian : Coqui Distribution 
 - Italian : Magic Store
 - Spanish : Last Level Distribution
 - German : Spiel Offensive
 - Polish, French, English : Professional Freelancers.

Shout out!


 We are really excited to share with you Legendary Creatures, a project created by our dear friend Eduardo Baraf. This is his 6th campaign and this game is an absolute blast. You can check it out here.

Until next time,

Pledge Manager is ready!
3 months ago – Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 12:39:53 AM

Arrhhhhhhhh Zombies!

The Pledge Manager is ready!

You will receive an email from Backerkit within the next 24h.
If by tomorrow evening you have not received it yet, please check your spam.

The Pledge Manager is a mandatory step in order for us to gather your shipping information, and for you an opportunity to add any add-on you may want.

We have very few Vikings Gone Wild base game available (retail version) which will ship within 72h after you complete your pledge manager.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to

Production Update

We just received the final rulebook, professionally proof-read.
This month, we are going to work with our partners worldwide to translate these rulebooks and cards in order to deliver all manufacturing files by beginning of August!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead!

Until next time,

Heat Transfer SG are unlocked & Production Update!
3 months ago – Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 05:53:51 AM

Arrhhhhhhh Zombies!!!

Kickstarter: $78,718  
Spieleschmiede: $8,981
VonKraken: $497
Late Pledge: $2,586

Total: $90,782

Heat Transfer Cubes are unlocked!

Final Stretch Goal is unlocked!
All backers have now secured a version of the cubes with zombie faces 'printed' thanks to a heat transfer process. We are also evaluating the cost to spread this technology to the retail versions. 

Thanks again for your amazing support. This great game just got itself a serious upgrade!

Update on Production

We have been busy for the last 3 weeks:

  • Play-tests: we put a huge focus on play-testing the stretch goals cards in the last couple weeks. These cards needed a last layer of love to ensure they were practical and fun. A few tweaks have emerged of these tests and we now have the final form for the Kickstarter Exclusive cards.
  • Retail version finalized: A side effect of this amazing journey in having the game play-tested by top reviewers and their crowd all over the world brought to our attention how important is the Zombird expansion for a more experienced crowd. Therefore we have decided to not release the Zombird expansion separately in retail. This means that the game will be more expensive than initially anticipated in retail, but this will be for the good of the play experience.
  • Rulebook: prior to translate the game we need a fully proof-read and completed rulebook. After numerous internal passes, thes rulebooks are now in the hand of a professional proof-reader, Dustin, who has an amazing experience and background in rulebook work. 
  • Visuals: all assets except the box + box sleeve have been finalized and approved by the licensor (Mobigame). It is going to be adapted to a DTP format and get on its way to our manufacturer.
  • Translation: Once the English rulebook is completed, translation for the Italian, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese version will start in partnership with local publishers or independant professionals.

That's it for today! We plan to have everything ready for the production to start by end of August at most.

Until next time,