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Jetpack Joyride is live!
5 months ago – Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 07:07:16 PM

Arrrhhhhh Zombies!!

Jetpack Joyride is live!

Zombie Tsunami is actually the first game in a series of casual/party games.
We have decided to release both Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride in a similar box format.

The game just went live now!
Come pay us a visit here -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/372651021/jetpack-joyride

Until next time,

We need your help!
9 months ago – Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 01:52:46 AM

Arrrhhhhhhh Zombies!

Shipping Update

  • Asia Hub - Game will ship early next week as everything is now ready to go through fullfilement and we have been actively talking with SFC this week.

  • Brazil Hub - You should have been contacted by Coqui Distribution! If not, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with them! Games passed custom and are ready to ship to you!

We need your Help!

So now that most of you have retrieved your game, we would be extremely grateful if you could come and rate the game on Board Game Geek here.

This game is not an optimization or deep strategy game. It is a light hearted bluff and roll-your-zombies game, and so getting it rated for what it is on BGG would help us tremendously get it more widely to retail. 

On behalf of the entire Lucky Duck Games team, we want to thank you for trusting us on this process and hope you have a wonderful time with your familly playing this game!

Until next time,

Shipping, Rulebooks, FAQ & Giveaway!
9 months ago – Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 01:42:49 AM

Arhhhh Zombies!!

Shipping Update

Shipping is almost complete!
Here is the status:

  • EU/Rest Of The World - Done
  • US - Done
  • CA - Done
  • Brazil - Game passed custom but I am waiting for an update to know if they have shipped yet or not!
  • Asia - We managed to get the Errata printed and sent to SFC, but for some reason our contact at SFC is not answering any of our email for a week now. But everything is there, and should ship shortly!

Please contact us directly at info@luckyduckgames.com (not on forum or comments) if you have any issue with your delivery.

Kickstarter Rulebooks

So as you saw, the Kickstarter Rulebook you received is only in English!
Here is the digital version in your language.

German: here 
French: here 
Italian: here
Spanish: here
Portuguese: work in progress.


You guys have received your game and have lot of questions! 
So here is a summary of the most frequent ones:

  • Q: Rulebook says 21 road cards and 21 shop cards. But it's not what I have.
    A: You should have received an Errata (except you Canadian fellows, Starlit Citadel forgot to ship it) that explains the following:
      - There is only 19 road cards and 20 shop cards.
      - Remove one of the 2 Bus cards permanently.
  • Q: I have 18 civilian tokens, but the rulebooks says 12. Normal doctor?
    A: Yep, after testing more we decided to add more to the box but as you can see, the rulebook suffered from a lack of update.
  • Q: I can't find the English cards
    A: The english cards are not mixed with the other languages and are part of the base game deck. 
  • Q: I pledged for Ultimate but did not received the 2nd box
    A: To simplify both shipping and your storage, we put everthing in one box! 
  • Q: The english version of the Mecha says 'Bomb a Civilian' but all other versions say 'Own a Civilian'. Which one is the correct one?
    A: Both will be fun to play, but the English one is the correct one.

5 Free Games to Win!

So now that most of you own these cute little zombies, it's picture time!
We will pick up to 10 pictures submitted to us via Twitter until April 24th!
After that date, we will put our top 10 pick up for a vote!
The top 5 pictures will see themselves with a free extra Ultimate copy!

To submit a picture (you can submit more than one!), simply tweet your picture and include @LDuckGames in your text so that it makes its way to us!

Here are some amazing examples from last year!

Until next time,

New Shipping Update!
9 months ago – Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 06:08:10 PM

Arrhhhhh Zombies!

New Shipping Update!

  • EU & WW: HappyShops are ready to send the games! It will take them a little time to get all games out, but be ready to get yours!

  • US: the games have passed customs! Funagain is now preparing the games with the Errata, and will then proceed to ship them.

  • CA: we're waiting for Funagain to finish with the Erratas, and then a truck will forward the games for Canadian backers to Starlit Citadel so they can ship them.

  • BR: the games are currently waiting to pass customs, we're in constant contact with Coqui Hobby Distribution to know how it's going. Shipping will start soon after they pass customs!

Until next time,


Shipping Update!
10 months ago – Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 11:58:56 PM

Arrhhhhh Zombies!

Shipping Update!

  • EU + WW - Our train arrived last week as scheduled. We are working to pass the custom in Poland where the games will be trucked 1 day later to Germany. So far unfortunately we are still in queue. Happy Shop is already expecting us, so this is a matter of passing custom! 
  • US - The boat arrived 3 days ago in Oregon! Same thing here - Custom duties is in process. As soon as we pass custom, your game should be on its way!
  • CA - Your games will be trucked from Oregon to Canada and dispatched by Starlit Citadel!
  • Brazil - Your game were loaded right before chinese new year and will pass custom thanks to Coqui Distribution. They are still at sea.


So unfortunately we spoted 2 small mistakes in the game and have created an Errata to help players with it. This Errata will be added to your package before being shipped to you so make sure to look for it!

A mistake was made with the base deck and one too many Bus card was added. Get rid of one. The second mistake is the number of cards expected in each deck on the rulebook.

You can download this Errata here.

Thanks a lot for your patience!
We are still in the middle of the waiting game.

Until next time,